Chicken Alfredo   $14.99

    Tender breast of chicken in a white cream sauce with Parmesan cheese over fettuccine pasta.

    Chicken Parmesan   $14.99

    Tender breast of chicken slightly breaded and baked with marinara sauce and cheese over spaghetti .

    Chicken cacciatore   $14.99

    Chicken sautéed in a fresh marinara sauce with onions, Green peppers, and mushrooms, over spaghetti .

    Chicken and broccoli pasta   $14.99

    Tender breast of chicken, fresh broccoli with garlic and all live all over ziti pasta.

    Chicken Francese   $14.99

    Tender breast of chicken dipped in egg and white wine, and lemon butter sauce, over spaghetti.

    Chicken scallopini   $14.99

    Tender breast of chicken sautéed in garlic and olive oil sauce with mushrooms and ham, over spaghetti .

    Chicken Sorrentino   $14.99

    Tender breast of chicken sautéed in homemade marinara sauce with ham and topped with mozzarella cheese over spaghetti . 

    Cajun chicken pasta   $14.99

    Tender breast of chicken, celery, carrots, mushrooms, in a light tomato-cream sauce, over spaghetti .